I smell of metal or more accurately, I stink of Iron. And I now have a tiny insight to what it must be for aerialists to love their large, impractical geometric shapes. Moving them from gig to gig, no wonder they are so strong. Metal is heavy, perhaps I’m stating the obvious, I’m stating the obvious but I appreciate that mundane fact in a whole new way after the last 5 days.

I’ve been at Pangottic HQ, in their studio/workshop, helping build being a general dogsbody for Matt who is chief engineer on Project_Vee.

Project_Vee is a collaboration between CircusGeeks and Pangottic. It’s a chance for us to bring to life a prop/structure/apparatus that we have only seen on video and love, a chance to push our technical skill in a whole new direction (literally) and a chance for me for to try more outdoor work.Project_Vee

I’m in uncharted…

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